Buy Local

We take a thoughtful approach to finding special foods to stock the shelves at simplyput. Small batches, artisanal companies, local and organic approaches. We love discovering new treats and the people behind these goods have such a great story to share.

Today’s local foodie find is one of our favorites – Emily G’s Jams – straight out of Dunwoody. With a slogan like “Jams of Love” you instantly know there must be something so special in the jar. Not only do we love her thoughtful flavors  – (jalapeno raspberry, roasted red pepper, fig pomegranate, and tipsy garlic & onion to name a few) we of course are naturally crazy about her story. You know, the accidental stay-at-home mom who stumbles upon too much produce in the fridge and begins to jar jams better than you can buy on the shelves. I immediately think of Diane Keeton in Baby Boom – which is exactly where Miss Emily is headed!

The lovely tall jars make a perfectly-sized hostess gift, stocking stuffer or welcome gift for a local wedding flair. Give the jams a try and send Emily a tweet at @emilygsjams to tell her what you think!

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