Hunting Season is Open

It’s that time of year to get a little down and dirty.  As the weather cools, grab some warm blankets, cold beer and good friends and go get lost in the woods.

Custom Camo Koozies (inquire simplyput. Paper & Gift 404.881.8660)
Beer Making Kit/Brooklyn Brew Shop

Don’t let the deer smell you.  This soap really works!
Big ‘Ol Brick of Hunting Soap/Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Got game?
Quail Bowls/Laura Zindel

Can’t hit the stands without a good ol’ whiskey drink.
Wooden Flasks/spitfire Girl
Highball Glass/spitfire Girl

All products available in store at simplyput. Paper & Gift

A Holiday Playlist.

1. Life in a Northern town – Dream Academy
2. The first Noel – tobyMac and Owl City
3. Baby it’s cold outside – She and Him
4. Christmas – Baby Please Come Home – Death Cab for Cutie
5. The Chanukah song – Adam Sandler
6. More than I wished for – Schuyler Fisk
7. Christmas Day – She and Him
8. Dreidel song – South Park
9. Auld Lang syne – Ben Rector
10. Have a little faith – Michael Franti and Spearhead

Some holiday cheer to get you in the spirit.

It’s our last weekend of Tinsel And Twine, so join us this Saturday for the fun and festivities.

Well Groomed

well groomed style board

For the well groomed man in your life.

1. Looking Sharp soap (simplyput) 2. Shoe shine kit (Sid Mashburn) / 3. Mens beard comb (Kent) / 4. Pewter shaving brush (Kaufmann Mercantile) / 5. Facial fuel lip balm (Kiehls) 6. Reading glasses (Orvis) / 7. Mustache bottle opener & cork pull (simplyput) / 8. Shoe brush (simplyput) / 9. Linen pocket square (Matteo linen for Apolis) / 10. Gameface facial moisturizer (simplyput) / 11. Brushman Hat (Barbour) / 12. The Day of the Peacock book (simplyput)

It’s Great to be a Georgia Bulldog

Bulldog 100Going to school in Athens definitely got me started thinking creatively and outside of the box. Some of the best memories of my LIFE came from the Georgia Theatre, 40 Watt, Bluebird Café and Sanford Stadium.  Each year, The University of Georgia presents the “Bulldog 100,” a group of the 100 fastest growing businesses owned by a UGA alum. I am honored to say that we made this list!

It is truly an honor to be recognized among some of these amazing businesses. Looking forward to continued growth in 2013.

Go Dawgs!

Buy Local

We take a thoughtful approach to finding special foods to stock the shelves at simplyput. Small batches, artisanal companies, local and organic approaches. We love discovering new treats and the people behind these goods have such a great story to share.

Today’s local foodie find is one of our favorites – Emily G’s Jams – straight out of Dunwoody. With a slogan like “Jams of Love” you instantly know there must be something so special in the jar. Not only do we love her thoughtful flavors  – (jalapeno raspberry, roasted red pepper, fig pomegranate, and tipsy garlic & onion to name a few) we of course are naturally crazy about her story. You know, the accidental stay-at-home mom who stumbles upon too much produce in the fridge and begins to jar jams better than you can buy on the shelves. I immediately think of Diane Keeton in Baby Boom – which is exactly where Miss Emily is headed!

The lovely tall jars make a perfectly-sized hostess gift, stocking stuffer or welcome gift for a local wedding flair. Give the jams a try and send Emily a tweet at @emilygsjams to tell her what you think!

Into the Woods

my favorite place to be.
1. Timex Watch / 2. Acorn Arcadian Stamp / 3. Twig colored pencils / 4. Moose antler mug / 5. Recycled canvas play tent / 6. Scout soap set / 7. Chicks with Guns coffee table book / 8. To my health flask / 9. Woodsmoke candle / 10. Tree identification matches / 11. Desert boot / 12. Classic shirt / 13. Silhouette cake toppers / 14. Manly monogram sticker /

Shout out to … Wheatgrass

I am a long-time believer/user of wheatgrass. The benefits of this grassy, green juice is certainly worth a “shout out.” Kicking back one ounce of wheatgrass juice actually has more nutritional benefits than eating 2 pounds of raw broccoli. And honestly – who has the time or inclination to do that??

Here are just a few good reasons to add wheatgrass juice to your weekly routine (3 or 4 times a week is advised). Fresh pressed wheatgrass juice ….

is an incredibly powerful natural detoxification agent.

helps improve the digestive system (big time).

stimulates and regenerates the liver.

helps to fight disease & infection with chlorophyll.

helps reduce stress and tension.

is helpful in anti-aging, such as reducing grey hairs.

helps in boosting energy levels.

assists in repairing the DNA system.

helps the body to heal wounds and fight illness faster.

promotes overall vitality to the human body.

Here in Atlanta, I get my wheatgrass shots from the nearby Whole Foods. Their “powershot” is the best way to jumpstart a week or even re-fuel after a big Saturday night.  It’s an ounce each of wheatgrass, lemon juice and freshly pressed ginger root. The lemon and ginger keep you from tasting the grass all day.

Convinced to give it a try?  Or are you already a wheatgrass fan, too?